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Planetary Tetris in a honeycomb with explosive wins

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Reach out for star wins in Pulsar, which opens up a universe full of fun, planets, neutron and interplanetary action.

In this cosmic slot, a honeycomb grid stages both the randomly triggered Neutron Star Feature for titanic explosions of wins; and the Cascading Wins Feature, which generates new winning combinations from the symbols falling into the spaces left by symbols removed from paid winnings or as a result of a neutron star explosion.

Venture into this cosmic quest for out-of-this-world fun and wins!

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Technical Details

Paylines20 Lines Fixed
Grid Size3×5
Win DirectionLeft to Right
Jackpot Reset AmountGame without jackpots
Free Spins Eligible?Yes
Free GamesNo
Cascading Wins Feature TriggerCascading wins occur as a result of the removal of any symbols in a winning combination(s).
Cascading Wins FeatureAny winning symbols disappear after pays are awarded and are then replaced with new symbols. New winning combinations are then possible. Cascading of symbols continue after each win until no further winning combinations occur. Cascading of symbols can result from a Neutron Star explosion which can then cause further cascading and/or additional Neutron Stars to appear.
Neutron Stars Feature TriggerNeutron Stars can appear randomly in any spin and will remain on screen until they explode.
Neutron Stars FeatureThere are four different Neutron Stars in the game, each with a distinct ‘blast’ pattern; Neutron Star green = Left-Right, Neutron Star blue = Up-Down, Neutron Star pink = cross (Left & Right and Up & Down), & Neutron Star red = X (upper & lower Left and upper & lower Right) Each time a Neutron Star first appears, it is randomly assigned a number from 3 to 1. For each spin and for each cascading win, the number in the countdown will decrease by 1. When a Neutron Star countdown reaches zero, it will explode, destroying all symbols within its blast pattern and replacing all destroyed symbols with the same randomly selected regular symbol. * It will not replace any symbol or itself with another Neutron Star. Neutron Star explosions can cause other Neutron Stars to explode if they are within the initial blast pattern even if the countdown of any such other Neutron Star(s) has not yet reached zero.
Scatter symbol:Game without Scatters
Scatter pays:N/A
Substitute ( Wild ) symbol:Game without Wilds
Substitute ( Wild ) rules:N/A
Top award:150 times the player bet.
PlatformDownload, Instant Play, Mobile, Native App

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